Feast or Fallow has been a swirling thought in my head for the better part of three years, and glad as I am to now have a space to share food stories and recipes, I'm even gladder to know the like-minded friends who I've connected with along the way. I'm glad you're here, and if we don't know each other, I hope we do soon! 

If you've been to our house for dinner, you know most of the food around here isn't fancy. Simply eating more fruits and vegetables than anything else is the equilibrium I've found makes me feel the best, but thankfully I don't have any dietary restrictions that eliminate any one food group (hello cheese). 

The recipes you'll find here will largely reflect a plant-focused style of eating, but no matter how you and your family eat, I bet we can agree on one thing: food is a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal gift.


P.S. The title of this blog is inspired by a hymn written by Sandra McCracken. Like my kitchen, I've found a lot of joy and solace in these words. Have a listen if you aren't familiar.